Miri is a coastal city in northeastern Sarawak, Malaysia and located near the Brunei border, on the island of Borneo. With a rich social and economic history that dates back to the 1800s due to petroleum discovery, Miri has emerged as the second biggest urban centre in Sarawak with a population of 358,020 people.

Visit Sarawak Tourism: Miri & Northeast Sarawak Visitor’s Guide


Miri is a city with more than 30 races and ethnic groups living in harmony together. Iban (29.3%) is the largest ethnic group in Miri. This is followed by Chinese (26.8%), Malay (18.2%), Melanau (3.1%), Bidayuh (1.3%) and others.


There is great diversity in terms of languages spoken in Miri. Malay and English are the two official languages of Sarawak.


The climate is pleasant with frequent tropical showers throughout the year. November to March is rainy whilst April to October is drier. The average temperature in Miri is between 24 °C and 31 °C.


Eight hours ahead (+8) of GMT and 16 hours ahead (+16) of U.S. Pacific Standard Time.


The unit of currency is Malaysian Ringgit, indicated as ‘RM’

A Must Visit Places In Miri

Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu

By flight from Miri Airport

Niah Cave

Via Costal Bintulu – Miri Road: 84.1km, 1h 20m

Lambir Hills National Park

Via Bintulu–Miri Road: 32.3km, 39min

Loagan Bunut National Park

Via Beluru – Long Teru: 117km, 1h 53min

Bukit Tiban National Park

Via Semilajau – Batu Niah: 167km, 2h 29min

Klimau Waterfall

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 105km, 2h

Coco Cabana

Via Marina Utama Road: 3.3km, 9min

Tanjong Lobang Beach


Via Tun Hussein Onn Road: 7.4km, 13min

Luak Esplanade


Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 11.9km, 19min

Peliau Beach

Via Q642 and Bakam Road: 50.8km, 52min

Bungai Beach


Via Q642 and Bakam Road: 51.1km, 52min

Bakam Beach

bakam beach

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road/Q642: 21.9km, 29min

Kuala Baram Westlands

Kuala Baram

Via Kuala Baram by Pass Road: 32.1km, 37min

Lutong Beach

Lutong Beach

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 10.3km, 15min

Piasau Nature Reserve Visitor Centre

Piasau Nature Reserve

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 8.7km, 13min

Miri Crocodile Farm

Miri Crocodile Farm

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 23.7km, 27min

Canada Hill/ The Grand Oil Lady


Via Jln Oil Well No. 1: 3.5km, 9min

Miri City Fan Recreation Park


Via Merpati Road: 700m, 3min

Miri Public Park

Taman Awam

Via Tun Hussien Onn Road: 5.2km, 10min

Bulatan Park

BUlatan park

Via Miri – Pujut Road: 5.5km, 9min

Miri Central Park

Central Park_

Via Marina Utama Road: 3.3km, 9min

Tamu Muhibbah

Tamu Muhibbah

Via Miri-Pujut/ Tun Hussien Onn Road: 2.7km, 7min

Miri Handicraft Centre

Handicraft Centre

Via Sylvia Road: 1.4km, 6min

Museum Petroleum

Petroleum Museum

Via Jln Oil Well No. 1: 3.5km, 9min